Brown Spots Treatment In Atlanta, GA

Also referred to as hyperpigmentation or sun spots, brown spots are often seen on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun (including the face, hands, chest and neck) – and become more common as people age. Characterized as dark patches, they occur when an excess of melanin (the pigment produces normal skin color) forms deposits on the skin. In addition to being triggered by sun exposure, factors such as genetics and hormonal changes can trigger the appearance of irregular brown spots, or make them worse.


Our Treatment Plans

Although they are typically not dangerous, brown spots are a common complaint for many people when it comes to their appearance – and there are a number of effective treatments that can lighten or reduce the appearance of benign brown spots / hyperpigmentation. Treatments can include topical ointments and creams, as well as laser treatments – which have proven highly effective in reducing the appearance of brown spots. By targeting the darker areas of pigmentation below the skin, lasers help break up the pigmentation – allowing pigmentation to be removed naturally.

If you are concerned with irregular brown spots, or have noticed a brown spot that has changed appearance recently, schedule a consultation with Dr. Barnett. Dr. Barnett can examine your skin and evaluate the cause of the hyperpigmentation – and can confirm that it is a benign brown spot and present you with treatment options to lighten/reduce the appearance of brown spots (as well as discuss ways you can protect your skin to prevent brown spots from continuing to form.) In addition, in evaluating your skin, Dr. Barnett can decide if further testing is needed to determine if the hyperpigmentation is benign or may be a beginning stage of skin cancer.

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