Say "I Do" to Great Skin: Essential Dermatologist Tips for a Radiant Wedding Day Glow

Say “I Do” to Great Skin: Essential Dermatologist Tips for a Radiant Wedding Day Glow

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With wedding season approaching, many brides or mothers of the bride or groom are turning to their dermatologist to for treatments to boost their skin quality and give them a “glow up” for the big day.

When considering these treatments and procedures, it is important to keep the wedding date in mind and build in a recovery period. Planning ahead and knowing which treatments to do first and which to perform closer to the wedding day will help ensure the desired results.

If a patient presents with problem areas such as prominent nasolabial folds (the parentheses lines around the mouth), undesirably thin lips or areas that could use subtle smoothing and volume, I will treat those areas first. Improving these areas three to six months before the wedding allows the filler time to settle in and allows for touch-ups or adjustments.

With crow’s feet or pesky forehead lines, Botox® or other neuromodulators will successfully smooth these lines, and this treatment lasts up to three months. As a precaution, I prefer to treat patients who are new to Botox® well in advance of the wedding day. This gives the treatment time to reveal full results and allows the bride-to-be to be sure she is thrilled with its effects.

For treatments that must be administered in a series, I recommend getting started on these 3-6 months ahead of the wedding. Lasers like the EVO for redness or rosacea, microneedling treatments for scarring and enlarged pores or chemical peels for melasma can take three to five sessions for best results. The Coolpeel® laser, a superficial CO2 treatment, is a great way to remove sun damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles before any big event. Coolpeel® can be done in a series for moderate sun damage or as a stand-alone treatment for mild wrinkling and discoloration to even skin tone within 2 weeks of the celebration.

Finally, it is preferable to perform some treatments much closer to the big day. For example, an Aquagold® fine touch™ treatment delivers microdroplets of hyaluronic acid and neuromodulators into the dermis to give the skin a “glass like” appearance, tighten pores and even reduce facial sweating. HydraFacial and dermaplaning to hydrate and subtly plump the skin are a wonderful “glow-up” that can be performed just a few days before your wedding as well.

You’ll feel most confident tackling these skin problems with treatments like these little by little, so you are your most beautiful self on your wedding day. Work together with your dermatologist before your special day to plan and execute treatments for a natural and beautiful you.

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